The Dark Man & Letting Go

Dreamtime 11-2-21

Last dream upon waking

He has come for me…. Pursuing for aeons I seem to know…. I try running down the road but go back, start to climb down the side of the rocks on the cliff side, figure I can crawl up under and hide…. Then i Let Go… in Exhaustion …. Existentially weary from lifetimes of running and hiding and trying to escape pursuit…. I turn and slowly walk back up the road, straight into the Dark Man, who is on my trail. This takes him Off Guard. I calmly walk out into the road, it’s a highWay, I lay face down and Surrender.He puts the Gun to my Head…. I can feel the cold barrel. But I am not afraid. I ReMember Now, how many times I’ve let go, dissolved into the other Side, left SeemingSelf behind. It’s really not painful…. I smile….I wonder where I will Wake Up Next. He pulls the gun away and runs off for a moment, as if suddenly unsure what to do. I don’t move. I’ve already let go, surrendered, I’m Ready. Take me. He comes back, attempts in various ways to pull the trigger, to finish the job. Cars are coming. He is fretting. He wanders away again. Comes back. I don’t move. I feel a Sense of calm and Freedom I have known over and over again, and wonder why it takes so long
Each time
To just Let go.

Eventually he pulls me up out of the road. It No Longer matters

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