Happy Birthday Oisin Shea

Happy 17th Solar Return Day to my handsome, witty, intelligent, kind, unique, playful, authentically-himself-no-matter-what Sonshine, Oisín Sheá

The most incredible Gift this world has ever given me, and the most precious gift I’ve ever given to this world, what an honor it is to be your mother and to watch you grow into an exceptionally compassionate and responsible young man. The most important choices I’ve ever made in this life, going against all the Programming on all Levels, have been made in order to keep your Spirit Unbroken, Your Heart Open, Tour Mind Free, Your Body Whole and Healthy, and your Soul Sovereign. Sometimes those Choices caused fear in others, and sometimes they lead to pain and loss in various ways, but the outgrowths every step of the way have been Deeper Connections and more Authentic Reiationships for everyone entangled in this Web of Dream we Share. I promised you when you chose my Womb as Vessel, to Open a Safe Portal for your entrance to this world , and to do my utmost to protect you ferociously from not only my own unhealed Traumas, but defend your Sovereignty in the program of this reality. In Return you Helped me reMember Joy, and Play, and my Open Heart, at a time when I had grown too Ancient already in Saturns Dense Realm, so young. I am so Grateful that my initiation into the Underworld and long foray into Chapel Perilous before adulthood led me to spend the full 6 years before your Birth in deep inner work and obsessive attempts at healing my own traumas and suturing my own aeons and lifetimes of wounds, learning to ground into this Body and this World as fully as possible so you would not have to carry the fractured DNA and fragmented Narratives of Generations. I gave every ounce of my Spirit to the devotion of your Authenticity and Sovereignty of Self, and though I’ve saturated this Dream with plenty of Mistakes and misSteps and Pains and Sorrows, I know that the one Most Important Thing, to Me, is that your Heart is Open and Radiant, and I know that it is, and That Alone will be your beacon and never lead you astray….. no matter how tangled the mazes of Life may eventually become.

May your Day be filled with All the warmth snd joy you bring, reflected back upon you tenfold.


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