Twisted and tampered

I’m twisted
and tampered
And feeling Pampered
by Life
This Night
This tribute to Light
is but a Face
Of the race I run
The case I’ve begun to sort thru
And contort to
And still the Sun shines thru
Like icing on the cake
That in my Womb I bake
With creativity at stake
For far too few
The clues
And wake and take the break
For Life is the Steak
And potatoes
Of the Days which grow
Through my labors

I take the Smile and
Fake senile
And pretend to Forget
That I Am
still Wet
Gleaming like sweat from the brow
Of the Holy Cow
Who Was
Slaughtered in Fear
for our Dear who is Slave
To the Tears
That have Flooded before…
down their doors
Dripped right through
The cracks in the Floor….

Is Sweet
And a Covert Operation
At best
Is less
Than a fatal test
Of the rest.

Charleen Johnston


  1. Nishabd says:

    Good one. “in my womb i bake” my fav line.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BlissNinja says:

      Thank you! Trying to collect all my old writing…. And actually devote time to getting them up


      1. Nishabd says:

        You lost them somewhere ?


      2. BlissNinja says:

        They are just all scattered around the internet, old journals, old computer files…. Never had them all in one place. My New Years project!


      3. Nishabd says:

        Aahha. All the best. Trace your imprints once again


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