Dance of Eros

Dance of Eros

I lay here, in a world of
Invisible hands, invisible hearts
That lift my soul, raise
My mind to things alive-
I am led to paths where
The energy speaks to me,
Vortex of intensity, calling
My soul to dance the dream.
Mother Earth, plastered with
These tunnels of tone-
Portals to deeper dimensions
Of home…she dances silently.
I lay still, on a vibrating
Chakra from the mothers’
Folds, learning to hold this
Deep power, learning to fold
Feelings to fire- receiving
Electricity from loves live wire.
My polar twin spins out of
Earth and into existence, calling
Me with sweet insistence-
And I mould myself to
The mothers form, finding my
Rhythm as if newly born,
And my dance is a dance
Of truth and trance, and
My lover, hypnotized, with
Opened eyes, embraces me
In the darkness of Minds
Absence… our dance a
Remembrance of lives
Lived before-
Of faces shed and blood
Bled along the timeline
Of which we were born.
Together we enact the
Great embrace, the
Great vortex raising our
Flames, creating a new
Form to claim its name…
As the eyes of spirit
Watch on in bliss- appreciating
The sanctity of this blessed kiss.

Charleen Johnston 2003

Catharsis of the mind

A hypothesis…forming…warning me of its kind
A catharsis of the Mind…
I am left behind
Until the Well is filled once more
By the bride of the Hiding
And the tide keeps riding
From the ocean to the shore
Cycling and circling
Lands we’ve known before…
Can the Saving be the same
As the Craving of the game
When you float firsthand
Upon the rain, upon the sand?
Still begging for the name of
The Hand
Which fed you
Sheltered you from the Blue
The freedom to choose
Or not choose
To Be
To See
To undertake this living Dream
Before the experiment is seized
And the hypothesis, unproven still
Forms a catharsis of free Will
Diseased by the need of
the Turning of the Wheel.

Charleen Johnston
circa 2002

Each Side DiVided

Over and over they walk into the Trap
Under hypnosis ….Minds under Rapt
Entranced in Denial and playing the Part…
The Game doesnt End til Awareness Starts
Stuck in programming and battered by fear
Believing their Eye.I sees the ‘Why’ Clear
Each Side divided and Masked in the Mirror…
The Shame doesn’t End til the Blame deParts

Charleen Johnston 6-6-20

Art by Joel Peter Witkin


(young sterile dream of love) where are you hiding?
Is it worth my mental birth for you to confide in?
Confuse me confound me
Search all around me
My eternity is yours to keep.
I want only not sleep
Awake to take a gentle peek.
To know is to lie, to lie is hate
To hate is futile (and futility awaits)
(sweetinnocenthope) of which I ungrasp-
Grasping tighter but lighter still
Than ever you will.
How often does our love ride
Upon the horse of doom?
Sweeping away the truththetrustthehumanlust
With the cosmic broom?
Pity! Oh pity! Those who fell
Were well ahead of the rest!
Skipping the ripening feast of fest(ering cries)
Stagnant and pregnant with lies.
Deliver me, oh deliver me-
Softly lay me down beneath the tree-
Where its arms comfort me in the breeze-
The breath of mortality.
I ask not to be (forever be)
But moreso to feel thee-
Here and now…
No whenbutwherehow
And all I ask is to love thee-
With all my heart radiantly.

Charleen Johnston (8.24.00)

written when i was 19 in san francisco

It’s so cryptic

It’s so cryptic
HYdrogen Oxygen
Lipstick stains
Lovers Pains
The Waters Anew
Spoken Soul in Silica
Waiting for glaciers
In galactic rows
As woken snows
Tell the Story once again
Full Circle
AnArctic miracle
Of Man’s majestic
Stone Record Keepers
Hold the forms
Shame and storms
In cells and deoxy-
Rib-oh…..of Atoms Eve
Twist into mystery
It’s so cryptic
The Mother is made of
Soul…..Matter Maid
Of Soil
Patterns playing
In Paters Pole
As Papas role is
Two Die
Diced in wiFi
Spliced in techno skies.

CLJ 6-6-22



I twist into these mournings, daylight
saving me
from the burning flame of darkness
swallowing my emptiness
while waves of irony wash over me
i am toppled by the days
and silently
i sit hovering…
wondering if i can float this
wandering thru wastelands of
my mind
picking up the book written by me
on the other side of the dream
the other side of the dream
where it all spins into me…
i find all the lost notes
and all the lost tones
and all the lost fractures
of all my mended bones

I am painted the color red.
I am tainted, the mother has bled

thru the weathered web, creating worlds
in our head, to spew out into
the ethers,
to want neither this nor that
nor wonder where its at,
but to birth the beginning
knowing we are just seasons of rhyme

flowering in our own time
chrysalis, wrapped up in a fairytale
of all that is and was and
wasnt for sale…

Across these moonbeams, these split
seams, these written clingings to the dream….
we call to invisible bodies
that are singing in their invisible moments
that are bringing their
soulstuffs into existence
to balance the tension
of the desire to Be,
and to not Be….

and therein….lie……We….
somewhere in between.

~Charleen Johnston

Naked & Unashamed

Let it come
I will hold my naked face to the sun
And give my breath and my death
Over to Life
Let the blind fury
Of the Ordered New World
Inoculate crowds all around me
Against their Spirit
Let it be known
That my Spine shall remain sure
And straight
Rooted in the matrice of my mother
Smiling still as I
Let those I love
Destroy the last vestige
Of their sovereignty
As they knot and tweak
Their ~deoxy.Rib.oh.Next.Stop.Is.Asking
With a mouth
That no longer knows how to Speak
Let it come
And my naked soul
Will take solace in my naked earth
Away from the crowds
Who have sold
Their last sacred cow
For one more sip
From the poisoned
Let it be known
That my entire Life
has been Lived
In preparation
for this Trial
As I watch the rind Rot
Around me
Exposing the elements of Wild
As the Plot is torn Asunder
I smile
with my naked mouth
Making the air pure
With my gratitude
Let it come
I am here

Charleen Johnston

The Grid is Locked

The Grid is Locked
Oh. My

The Lid unpopped
From my Jarred

Trapped within the Maze
Of Mind

A dazed

Spins the Sines

A Blind beast that finds
It’s feast

Lost inside the neural Twine

I tripped the Wire and Watched
Him twitch
Flipped the switch and

Changed. The. Dream

Ripped the Stitch Right from the Seams

Left Alone
With a Million Shattered Mirrors of

Charleen Johnston 11-10-20

Hold YourSelves Accountable

Hold yourSelves accountable my Friends
Your etherNets are holding you In
Breath no longer on You can depend
It’s trapped gasses are masking the Lens
Coming soon to a theatre near You, Truth
Soon the Noose is too tight to cut loose
The fight in your blood, the flight of your tears
Next in line please, 6 feet under Dirty Fears
Installment of Barbed Wire inside your Mind
The mission statement of Ties that Bind
Panic to paranoia to participation in Rape
Room to Escape from the Lies that drape
The soft cloak of terror over your soul
Key to the kingdom hiding in the Whole
To Speak freely and seek freedom Within
Hell as the Spells build Shells around Men
Locked inside electroGenetic technoSkies
Inside Minds blinded by rising tides in disguise
Strangled by dangling delusions of death
Cells compelled to sell their breath
In desperation, inDigNations Fate waiting
Tangled truths twisted by hate in baited
Minds of 01010001111 binary blind spots
The preProgrammed Plot thickens like snot
Flocks mocked in rotting sickness and pain
And clotting like broken neural codes of Brain
Herd huddled in hushed whispers and hiding
In virtual Veins that Bleed, fallow Seeds riding
Shock Waves from crest to shore as Tests
And Blessed Pores Open for more Infested
Horror to drain the Soverign Selves of Man
Within the Collective Decay as time Spans
The Periphery, demands that history repeat
Blocked Pathways as Power plots defeat
Nerves frazzled and bedazzled by Light
Of Illusion refracted from mirrored Delusions
Terror stricken and errors thickened by fears
They fomented, freedom they fled and tears
Chose to shed for blood they bled in vain
This is a test a push from the nest of thegame
There is no Power Greater than your Will
Are you Ready to steady the turning Wheel
No blame no shame no remnants or stains or
Victims are claimed in the Waking Story
The Path is Open the Road is Clear
Mind is aMazed when there is no Fear
Masks fall from Faces who Make the Choice
Silent Suffering transforms into True Voice
Symptoms subside and blind eyes can See
The Immortality of the I~s and the We~s
Puzzled Perceptions Pattern the Way
Pieces return to Wholes in the Play
Are You ready to Birth your own Being
In Brilliant Renewal, Fueling and Freeing
The Seed of your Seeing into the Spirit
Open to Infinity, open to Awe, We Are It
But we’ve forgotten, begotten blind Eyes
The Time has Come to ReMember and Fly
Poisoned hearts must remove the Shame
Bodies and Blood must purify the Pain
No ties can bind the One who Knows, Wakes
Longer cycles turning within Cosmic Makers
Coping with Eternity and Playing with Sight
With Wild and Wonderful Dancing Delight
Chaos of Creation Unfolds and Takes Stock
Of flowering Fields in ElectroMagnetic Flocks
Freedom is The Foundation for All to Play
And Play is the Passion to Pattern the Way
Freedom is the only true Path of Love
Of compassion that lasts and rises above
Self inDwelling in Shells of dense Desire
Too fractured in manufactured woven wires
Trapped by hired hands that block the bliss
Within a mapped-out scripted judas kiss
Their intent simply to help One ReMember
Prizm Sentence of Life as Burning Embers…
Cells as Selves Simply Dwelling in Deep
See? It’s All a Dream of I-s and We~s

1st word in each line makes a fractal of my rhyme

Charleen Johnston