I saw Her face in a Dream

I saw her face in a dream
and knew that she was me
just a child just a wild
apparition running free
but where to hide
when the light peeks thru
to spaces that remain
untouched by truth
where to hide when I die
forced thru the threshold
to life, birth, earth
river, flame, sky…
…I chose this moment
to swim thru the sieve
I chose the mother
whose heartbeat I recieve
till the lightning strikes me
and I am born,
torn from the watery depths
shorn like wool from
my mothers lips…as she
whispers me, sings me into
Being, breathing, teething
seething underneath for
those phantoms and thieves
who starve the souls
who carve the coals from
the mothers folds, strip
her of her glow, furnace
flames grip and will not
let go,
let be,
let come to me this
hidden dream, a birth
to be recieved, a slow
moulding of individuality
though sheltering unity,
ah, but disease, follows me,
I heard her cry,
teardrops slipped from her
eyes, my eyes, mothers thighs
have been violated, raped
with scraped knees she
begs me now, recovering from
the crowds jeers and cheers
and fears of what lay beyond
the tunnels, the ponds
that make up her body,
the veins that feed the
brains that bleed the
sanity, leaking in streams
humility, dripping it seems,
splitting the seams
of this alltooreal dream,
and she closes her mouth
to keep out pollution
to keep in the solution
to her fears, to her years
of writhing in misery,
to be delivered from
humanity(s)weet plea,
please, hold the hand
of the motherland, surrender
to life and birth and
death on earth it’s all
too soon it’s all too
blue it’s all a cycle
of force and food,
feed the seed,
need the me
that slips
thru tunnels
soft like dew
slips thru caverns
to be born
to you…

Charleen Johnston 2004

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