Burnt Shall Rise

An experimental video I played with from footage of Jestering recently

Featuring myself and Reese Miller

Music by SIREN&SEER, Saqi, Diamonde, Swan Hil

Burnt Shall Rise by Playsoteric Philms

All costumes ,video editing, photographs by me

I Am a Solar Cell

I am a Solar Cell
A Battery
Of Souls & Selves
By the Holy Dweller
On the Threshold
Of Heaven & Hell
A Matter
Of Patterns
In Stories I tell
Seen thru Eyes
And Mind
And Why’s
Tides that Swell
As Time
In Spaces
And Faces Foretell
The Climbing Vine
From Immortal Well
Of Life

Charleen Johnston 2-20-22


My first official Post to my new Playground! How magical……

Essentially, this is where I use my finger-tongue to spit current thoughts into the Ethers. I would like to think at least some of it will be interesting to others, though my main intention is to be able to create some form of tether to focus my array of musings, and to give me Space to release these things to the larger Dream.

It will be a mixture of my ramblings on topics that are floating in my mindframe at the moment, as well as more autobiographical snapshots of memories and stories. My intention is to keep it updated regularly, we’ll see how well I do. Blissings!!!!!