Hypnagogic BleedThroughs

As I woke in the middle of the night, tangled in hypnagogic bleed-throughs as Previous Me~s in Cyclic read-throughs…. I came back over and over again to myself being Drawn-and-Quartered…. As well as ‘DisMembered’ ….and variations of such….As the crowd looked on. Literally Pulled Apart. I’ve been doing intense Somatic Trauma Work lately ( again) as my inner Blueprint is pushed by the transiting Planetary Gods into Letting Go… Letting Go of the Stories deep within my Cell.ves that keep my body and mind in a State of PulledApartNess. Stuck in the Kinetic Underworld where I’ve locked away Memories so disIntegrating for so many lifetimes and fractal LandMines… that this Entire Incarnations Intention is bound up with Putting MySelfs Back ToGather aGain.
As I tossed and turned unable to fall back into Dream, my mind kept ruminating in my wrists, and the pain, of all my joints and connective tissue, a lifelong issue of Hypermobility and mutation of CollagenCreating which means all my joints sublux constantly, slip in and out, trying to DrawAndQuarter me over and over again til I finally look deeply enough to ConnectTheIssues of these Fascial Tissues and Put mySelfs Back ( literally) together again
My flexibility a gift and a curse… my joints held together by pure force of Muscular Will… which equates to constant muscular tension and alignment issues….when I stop doing the bodywork I need to do, every day, to keep myself Flowing and functional…. I pay. The Deep Trauma Memories stored inSide, are now asking to fully reLease.
And bleed throughs of All kinds of Tangled Lives and Times are Arising.
Deep, Intense Self Trigger Point work is my Grace…. Going into the pain and buried strains…. Seeking it out, and pressuring with pulsation to Let Go. It’s a religious experience for me, sometimes 5 hours at a time of Trance Trigger Descent, to complete the whole body, entering hallways and mazes of Soul, the Underworld where Fragments of My Being are Held….
All these things passing thru me in the middle of the night, and I realize I need to look at my last nodal cycle transit… 19 years ago… when Ketu last passed over my Sun/Uranus(trauma) conjunction in the first house( body) ….and I suddenly jump up, and go to my journals. So many transits affecting me in this very moment, all
Related to a LettingGo of some serious Stuff.

I grab a journal somewhat at random.

It’s the exact time period I was thinking about. Haven’t looked through it in a long time. Opened it up, and the first page Felt like a message I coded to myself years ago, for this very moment of reMembering. Literally. putting my Members back together. Gathering my Appendages and reSeaming myself. To stop the Somatic Pulling apart, the Center Won’t Hold, as long as these memories are buried.
Drawn and Quartered. In front of the Crowd. Among other things. ‘Yet for a time my hands were crippled’ .
The panic ( ah, the God Pan when he is not Faced and Fluidly Friended) of my wrists subluxing completely and losing my ability to create.
The following photos are from the Journal, and my Soul insisted on my reading it at that very moment.
In Pans Night.

CLJ 1-9-22

Omicron = Micro Womb

Omicron=micro 0=micro womb( omega-macroWomb)
NanoWombs are Filled with artificial frequency mined gestating Beings… Mind of Intelligence Artificially stimulated and disEmbodied….

Birthing Now Enmasse

In 2020 the Birthing process was Crowning…Corona-Crown-

MicroWombs inside each Body Cell made into a prison a prism a refracting Schizm-dark Crystal Matter -The Phallic Needle
Seeding Frequencies that
supersede the Need for Bleeding
As crystalline silicon matrix implodes within
Guided by wetikos Program
Exploding MacroMatrix of HuMan

We are back here

Peter piper heading for the cliff
Shepherding souls adrift in the myst

Aquarius dimensional shifting alternate timelines
Slipping thru portals
In each cell
In each body
In each Takeover of
deoxyRiboNucleic Script

The chance to reMember the disMembered parts of Self trapped in Trauma
Each person in charge of their own Soul Retrieval
As each person is a Piece
Of the Larger Body Polis
In mass fractured trauma

But distorted Aquarian disassociation
Leads to further entrapment
In Alter Personalities
Alter Earth Paradigms
Altered Births Inside
omicrons Implantation of
Nanotechnologicsl Babies
Born within your own sPhere
Of Fear
Of Phosphors
Turning Gears
The MacroWomb
Omega to Alpha
And back again

CLJ 1-29-22

Simulations and Time Lords

{original post from 2017}

The simulation stopped trying to fool me with by trying to take away my Power and give it over to ‘gods ‘ and ‘goddesses’ and ‘masters’ and ‘alien beings’ once I realized without doubt that they were just Codes within the holographic blueprint. After many years of absolutely sober lucid dreaming and OBE exploration…. One verifies The nature of the way this game works. Whatever and Whyever It Is.


We are time lords, like Doctor Who, and when we learn to alter our own codes and become a glitch in the system, we can hold the memories of all our experiences on many planes. We may not be able to have access fully to those memories while projected in the Waking consensus reality state, it would fry our nervous system and the surge would render our interface meat modem unusable I believe…. Like trying to plug in a quantum super computer into a normal wall outlet
Or hard drive. Therefore we must use what we all have at our disposal, our nightly excursions outside of this Temporel realm, in order to make contact with the part of us that is beyond the program, accessing the console and I would even posit Co-creating the console.

When one navigates the simulation consciously and in full lucidity, one can experience vast amounts of time in a tiny fragment of corresponding time here in our waking life. So if you imaginine having at least 30 years of pretty consistent Multi dimensional experiences, with full memory, because of the nature of time dilation …that equates to having lived a great many lives in the course of this single waking consensus. Like being 36 going on a 10,000. ( or infinite;)

So like Doctor Who, Who has millions of years of memories and experience and can travel in and out of the hologram, with his tardis( our tardis is our own physical body …. Every cell is like a Stargate…. The inner is much larger than it looks from the outside…. Infinite in fact)…. Those who awaken themselves in the lucid dream time state and retain the memory of it
Are glitches in the system and have learned to override the program.

Be a Time Lord.

For my Ally in the unseen realms…

Billy Dovel January 16, 1971- November 19, 2017
 A few days ago was the birthday of a very special person, who left this Collective Dream the day after my birthday in 2017. I wrote the following on the 3rd anniversary of his passing, and am sharing it here as a birthday blessing. AT the bottom of the page is a link to the personal drum ceremony I did on that day....

 For my Ally in the unseen realms, whose hand I know has helped to guide my life in ways that have transformed me, who now acts as ancestral Power in my personal matrix and who reminds me often of my Vow of Authenticity. The magic of the first visit from beyond, when you showed me such huge change was coming, showed me the Crossroads, and allowed me to witness the beginnings of an Initiation in White.... A ceremonial transmutation ritual of Self , intuiting that I was the guest of honor being beckoned as the candles flickered.....
 that was so intense I awoke knowing that my life was about to jump an octave....  
 And the choices I've made since then which have led me to the gratitude and abundance of spirit and flesh, a type of Surrender and Serenity I never could have allowed myself before....are directly related to that direct transmission from you in the Netherworld between the Seams of the dream... And to the wide and deep and beautiful place you have forever in my Heart and my Soul.... All the little ways your presence and friendship altered me which I knew not at the time, but has become so clear as the years unfold in this flowering of Soul. I give thanks for all
 The moments here and Now, when you stir the wind around me and join me in song as I beat my drum in honor of your heart and part in this divine Play.... When your bright smile from the Place between Time warms the air around me and calls the Sun from the clouds. I love you my friend, I miss you, and I Thank you✨?✨ Billy Dovel....Bubba

 {the following is a drum song that has been slowly unfolding within me for the past year...}

 When I see you standing
 Blue eyes like the sky and
 Smile as wide as oceans
 Everybodies crying

 Why oh why oh why oh lord

 When the call came I
 Fell to the ground I
 Shattered like a mirror
 Now my tears a river

 Why oh why oh why oh lord
 Oh I know why now
 Oh it's a way out  
 Why oh why oh why oh lord

 But this is no goodbye friend
 Everybody knows this
 This is no goodbye  
 Hey hey
 This is no goodbye friend
 Everybody knows
 This is no goodbye

 I need a lil sip a sunshine  
 In my mind hey hey
 A lil sip a sunshine  
 Make it alright now
 A lil sip a sunshine
 In my life hey hey hey
 You were a lil sip a sunshine
 In my life

 There will be another
 Day down by the river
 We will play like children
 Holding hands and healing
 Mothers eyes are crying
 All the tears are drying
 We will fly in skies like
 Fireflies alighting
 Rising just like tides I
 Know your heart is shining
 Brother we will glide so high

 Hey hey now
 This is no goodbye friend
 Everybody knows this
 This is no goodbye  
 Hey hey hey
 This is no goodbye friend
 Everybody knows
 This is no goodbye
 No no lord hey hey

 You were a lil sip a sunshine  
 In my life  
 hey hey now
 A lil sip a sunshine  
 Makes it alright
 I need A lil sip a sunshine
 In my mind now  
 hey hey hey
 A lil sip a sunshine
 In my life
 Charleen Johnston

Lil Sip’ A Sunshine Drum song ritual overlooking the Valley, 11-19-20 (my drum was flat as it was very cold and sounded off and I was a little drinky from the ceremonial Fireball Shots that were in honor of old times…)