BlindSight is 2020

 We are about to see a reflection of ourselves
  in the VirginMirror
 An opportunity to reclaim our darkness
 And see the Game clearer
 The old walls are crumbling
 The circle drawn in the sand
 Projects it's reflection  
 As the Vesica births the world at hand  
………The Spinning Chrysanthemum Jester guarding the gates to the Labyrinth of Fates……………..

It has certainly been a Wild Ride in the Playground this year…provoking the most prolific writing I have done in a long time. The following pieces will be in chronological order, and will each open to a separate page. Most of these really are meant to be heard aloud in conjunction with the reading, and I am soon to embark upon making videos of myself performing them Spoken Word style….though much of the word play is not obvious when only heard and not read.

*I do not mind my work being shared online, but please give me credit and link back to my website*

enter the maze…

The real War is for your Mind (1-4-20)

The Terror of the Error (1-20-20)

Blissed Out (3-9-20)

Oh me oh my its a wild ride…(3-9-20)

Open Wide and Take a Bite (3-12-20)

GenerationOperationDestruction (3-13-20)

Bow to your 5God (3-16-20)

Virtually Together in this Insanity (3-16-20)

We stand at the border of Choice and Chasm (3-20-20)

Tic-Toc Responses (3-20-20)

Terrified I Testified (3-20-20)

I am the Laughing Leper (3-21-20)

I wander thru this mindField of Gloom (3-21-20)

When the Self Created Dream Abated (3-22-20)

The Irony of Swimming in an ElectricSea (3-22-20)

The TakeOver is Easy when the Sheep are Sleeping (3-24-20)

Mourning has Broken (3-24-20)

The Collective Orgasm (3-26-20)

The Mysterious Masquerade (3-28-20)

The Rationing of Awareness (3-28-20)

The Addiction of the Affliction (3-28-20)

The Trick of the Game (3-28-20)

Soul Flowers (3-29-20)

Crucified Within the Collective Train (3-31-20)

Context of Collective Calamity (3-31-20)

MediaL Nerve Damage (3-31-20)

The Corona Of Eclipse (3-31-20)

You Are Essentially an Electromagnetic Battery (4-3-20)

The Panopticon (4-3-20)

Your Wonder has been Wounded (4-4-20)

The Strangest thing Is…(4-6-20)

What you believe Matters (4-8-20)

I take up the Sword (4-10-20)

As I sort the Seeds (4-10-20)

I Bore mySelf into this World (4-10-20)

Sucking the Teat of Culture (4-11-20)

Lets take a Little Walk (4-13-20)

Choose your own perceptual adventure (4-16-20)

Understand the Script (4-17-20)

Declare Sovereignty (4-18-20)

Sunshine tugs at my eyelids (4-19-20)

So many still crying (4-19-20)

The Gag is on You (4-24-20)

As Veils are torn asunder (4-24-20)

When I write Its Seems I Divide (4-26-20)

The Trump card is the Wild card (4-27-20)

This is just an Appetizer (4-28-20)

What If… (4-29-20)

Wakey Wakey (4-30-20)

Welcome my Fellow Travelers in Time (5-4-20)

Can you Spell it out for me, Mister Dream (5-6-20)

The Stage has been Set (5-8-20)

The Masses aghast at the tasks of the rat (5-31-20)

Over and Over they walk into the trap (6-6-20)

How gloriously the We hold tightly (6-7-20)

La TerriFied TerraBride (6-19-20)

Alchemical Nigredo (6-24-20)

Every I is a Present (6-26-20)

I give Reverence (6-24-20)

Your Many Splendored Soul (6-30-20)

The Subtle Condescension of the Liberal Mind (7-22-20)

The Terrible Lie we tell ourselves (7-22-20)

Patterns Patterns on the Wall (7-24-20)

The Words are Written on the Scroll (7-28-20)

Beneath the River there lies the key (7-30-20)

Get the Goggles ready my friends (7-31-20)

Oh Now… Its Time (8-1-20)

Implode the Nodes (8-1-20)

Play Dead said the Devil (8-2-20)

The Irony of Tyranny (8-2-20)

Im Vexed (8-3-20)

Kill Yourself, the Devil whispers (8-4-20)

Most times I feel Weight in Lines (8-5-20)

Imagine this, they say (8-8-20)

The PreScriptZion (8-10-20)

Can you Feel it? (8-17-20)

The time is at hand (8-22-20)

This is the Swan Song…(8-27-20)

She said, He said (8-28-20)

Are you really so shocked? (8-30-20)

Its so trippy, this blank canvas (9-25-20)

The Thing that Feeds (9-30-20)

Watching peripherally (9-30-20)

The t.ruth of Matter is always Spoken C.omment.arrie (10-1-20)

I~s are always watching (10-4-20)

Your entire fabricated reality stream is staged (10-5-20)

I deepen into this feeling of fate (10-22-20)

The Critical Degree (11-2-20)

She said, in the dark arms of a comfortable beast (11-5-20)

The Harvesting of Hearts in the Darkness (11-7-20)

Pssst….you’re falling right into the Trap (11-8-20)

The Grid is Locked (11-10-20)

After the descent (11-12-20)

In the Daze to come (11-17-20)

Reset the HeartDrive (11-20-20)

How many ways can they tell you (11-21-20)

The Masses are t.rapt (12-5-20)

Self & Other… (12-22-20)

A colorful charade (12-23-20)

I am perched upon a precipice of Power (12-31-20)

~*~We are collectively starting to Realize the NatURe of this REALm and wake to the Imprint on the phiLM~*~

One has Forgotten what One has Begotten beneath the Seams of Rotten Dreams but in the Flow We stitch and Sew a New Stream of Infinite Beams Within the GnoW

scripts are ripping through the fabric of this mapped out Lie…Watch, watch, just keep watching as the cherished illusions Die

alchemy all is self artificial intelligence awareness becoming myself body collective delusion consciousness creation descent discernment dream electromagnetic embodiment empower energy flow fractal freedom human intensity joy kundalini magic matrix microcosm mind control mirrors nervous system neural networks personal mythology poem poetry rememberance self determination shakti shamanic dismemberment soul sovereign spirit transformation transhumanism vaccination wonder writing